My favourite piece! Bracelet (BT 1)

"My favourite piece! Bracelet". Yeap, like I said in my title, it's my favourite stone themed bracelet. I love stones and I've compiled a nice bracelet that uses various stones. I somehow or rather, have fallen in love with semi-precious stones ever since my "jewelry-making-hobby" rekindles.

Here's a beautiful poem for this bracelet:

The Stone

I feel the stone
and through the stone the earth,
and my past,
and my future,
as I am grounded in my present.
in the ridges and hollows,
are the rise and fall of my heart,
as I live out my destiny.
to tell of the stone.
to tell of the earth.
to tell of the journey,
my journey on the surface of the stone,
I am but a dust mote
pitched from place to place
on the whim of the wind.
I scatter some seeds of poems
to be carried on the beaks of birds,
to be mixed in the whispers of the wind,
for the one who will hear my message,
and come to me bearing treasure.
the treasure of truth,
in that one line
of love.

Drax (present / Ireland)

What's Used:
  • China A grade crystals
  • Sandstone bead
  • Russian Amethyst bead
  • Heart shaped agate bead
  • Huge handmade lampwork heart bead
  • Tibetan silver Bead caps
  • Tibetan silver spacers
  • Chains
  • Clasp
16 cm (without clasp)
18cm (total length)



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